Vapes – More than electronic waste

Sales of e-cigarettes (vapes) have increased significantly in Switzerland over the last few years. In 2022, around 10 million vapes were imported into Switzerland. Most of these ended up in landfill rather than being recycled, in spite of the fact that e-cigarettes are electrical appliances and therefore need to be professionally disposed of. This is because e-cigarettes contain a large number of recyclable materials, which need to be put back into circulation. At the same time, however, they are also highly inflammable and contain heavy metals, which are harmful for the environment. Empty vapes can be returned free of charge to all collection points and vape shops.

Return your e-cigarettes wherever you can buy them

E-cigarettes can be returned throughout Switzerland free of charge at any sales outlet that includes e-cigarettes in its product range. Alternatively, they can be disposed of at the nearest SENS collection point.

So easy
E-cigarettes will be taken back wherever you can buy them and put in a Vape Recycling Bag for recycling.

So effective
10 million e-cigarettes were imported into Switzerland in 2022 – and our aim is to recycle at least 50% of these.

So important
Each e-cigarette contains lithium, nickel, aluminium or copper. These recyclable materials are valuable and need to be placed back into circulation.

Acting in conjunction with various partners, SENS eRecycling has therefore devised an industry solution for the environmentally friendly disposal of e-cigarettes. You can also make sure that the risk of fires is reduced and that recyclable materials are returned to the cycle.

As a consumer, you can conveniently return them to any e-cigarette point of sale. As a seller of e-cigarettes, you can support the industry solution by becoming a vape recycler, ordering the Vape Recycling Bag and thus making it as simple as possible for your customers to return their vapes. 

The industry solution for the environmentally friendly disposal of e-cigarettes

Due to their batteries and electrical heating coils, e-cigarettes qualify as electrical appliances and are subject to the Ordinance on the Return, Taking Back and Disposal of Electrical and Electronic Equipment ORDEE. Accordingly, manufacturers, importers and retailers in Switzerland are obliged by law to take back all types of disused e-cigarettes.

New industry solution since 1 July 2023

With the new industry solution for e-cigarettes, which has been operational since 1 July 2023, SENS eRecycling is now offering manufacturers and importers a standardised process for the collection, transportation and environmentally friendly disposal of e-cigarettes.

Collection and return by post

Upon request, SENS eRecycling will deliver so-called “Vape Recycling Bags” to any e-cigarette sales outlet. Operators of sales outlets can use these to collect returned e-cigarettes and send them back to SENS eRecycling by post.

Alternatively, sales outlets – although also consumers themselves – can hand in disused e-cigarettes free of charge to any SENS collection point throughout Switzerland.

10 cents for recycling – The advance recycling contribution (ARC)

In a similar manner to other used electrical and electronic devices, when buying e-cigarettes Swiss consumers already pay a contribution for subsequent recycling to partners that have adhered to the industry solution. This advance recycling contribution (ARC) amounts to 10 cents for disposable or reusable e-cigarettes as well as battery carriers with a battery, or 5 cents for battery carriers without a battery.