Working together, we will increase the collection rate of e-cigarettes

In 2022, around 10 million vapes were imported into Switzerland. Far too many of these ended up in landfill rather than being recycled. All parties involved are therefore called upon to ensure that no hazardous substances are released into the environment as a result of improper disposal, that raw materials such as lithium, cobalt, copper and aluminium can be recovered and fires are reduced.

More than 75% of manufacturers and importers in the industry have already joined the SENS take-back scheme, thereby promoting the environmentally friendly disposal of e-cigarettes. By working together with our partners, our aim is to increase the collection rate for e-cigarettes to at least 50%. The advance recycling contribution levied on a voluntary basis on their products by industry partners finances collection, raising consumer awareness and recycling.

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New industry solution e-cigarettes


Since 1 July 2023, SENS eRecycling has been offering a standardised process to all Swiss manufacturers and importers for the collection, transportation and environmentally friendly disposal of e-cigarettes.

With the e-cigarette industry solution, the industry is clearly committed to the environmentally friendly disposal of e-cigarettes and benefits from numerous, widely visible advantages of the take-back system. Non-affiliated importers do not charge a vRB on the products they sell and do not support the industry solution. We are constantly working to motivate partners who are not yet affiliated to join.

Not yet a partner?
All manufacturers, importers and retailers of e-cigarettes that have not yet adhered to the industry solution have the opportunity to do so here.

Collection and return by post

SENS eRecycling provides Vape Recycling Bags to all sales outlets of contractual partners for the collection and return of e-cigarettes. Operators of sales outlets can use these to collect returned e-cigarettes and send them back to SENS eRecycling by post.

Alternatively, sales outlets – although also consumers themselves – can return their empty e-cigarettes free of charge to any SENS collection point throughout Switzerland.

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