The foundation for the sustainable recycling of disused electrical and electronic appliances

SENS is the Swiss expert in the sustainable recycling of disused electrical and electronic appliances, luminaires and lighting equipment, photovoltaic systems and traction batteries from vehicles. SENS has been operating a successful nationwide take-back system for electrical and electronic appliances for more than 30 years. With its high quality standards, the Foundation is already playing a decisive role as an industry organisation for various sectors (small and large appliances; luminaires and lighting equipment; photovoltaic modules, toys, medical equipment, welding equipment and electromobility) in setting standards in recycling.

The services provided in the SENS take-back system are financed through the market-standard advance recycling contribution (ARC). The aim of the SENS eRecycling disposal scheme is to produce secondary raw materials from the goods disposed of, which can be reintroduced into the circular economy, subject to compliance with legal requirements and applying the recognised state of the art. Multiple usage of the goods to be disposed of is actively promoted.

SENS eRecycling is a non-profit organisation. In accordance with its objectives and to the extent that it has the financial means to do so, it may support research projects and activities of the waste management industry in Switzerland that promote the closing of cycles in the Swiss economy. It is a member of Swiss Recycling and the WEEE Forum, the global centre of competence for electronic waste.


SENS eRecycling
Obstgartenstrasse 28
8006 Zurich
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